At Due Spaghi we bring together the gastronomic traditions of Italy and Catalonia to create dishes that reflect the culture of the two countries. In our cuisine, both the food and the wine are the true protagonists! By giving priority to the producer and product, proximity and seasonal are not just words but facts.

We like to think that behind every dish there is a story to tell, and that by preparing and serving the dish we are spreading culture and knowledge. We understand cuisine as pleasure but also as discovery. And we want our patrons to feel right at home with us.

Our suppliers are part of our “family”. We enjoy knowing them, knowing who we are buying from and how they work, and knowing we have a common passion for doing things well, for caring for the environment with the highest value placed on human worth. Our challenge is to explain all this in a dish. And, of course, in a glass.

Nicoletta Acerbi

Nicoletta Acerbi arrives at the catering industry through photography and her experience as a gastronomic journalist. Together with Toni the dream to open a restaurant where everything is made with passion, skills and sweetness is an achievement. She loves to think that sustainable food is possible shaping his meaning of food as pleasure where often politic and culture have always been involved.

Toni Pol

Toni Pol Tres grew within the catering environment. His passion is a mission to make people feels people at home. The dream of converting the restaurant as his house happened at Due Spaghi. The history behind each courses are skillfully explained converting Tony in the real soul of Due Spaghi incarnating the essence of an old fashion metre.

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